About us

Normandie Valorisation (often referred to by the acronym NV) brings together under its banner all the institutions and organizations involved in the activities of Normandy's academic research laboratories. Its mission is to transform innovations from Normandy laboratories into objects/services expected by the socio-economic world and to license these technologies or propel deeptech start-ups.

Focusing its activities on innovations/inventions with the potential to change or improve people's lives, Normandie Valorisation currently has a portfolio of patents and innovations strongly focused on technologies related to the health sector, namely: medical devices (diagnostics in particular), medical imaging, digital technologies (ethical AI and autonomous decision making, biometrics), robotics and bioprocesses, the list being non-exhaustive.

In addition to its core activity of technology , Normandie Valorisation is a member of the WeInNormandy consortium created with Normandie Incubation. WeInNormandy, awarded FrenchTech Seed since 2019, carries the Normandeeptech initiative, awarded SIA in 2020 by BPI. And it is in this respect that the NVConnect tool is part of the programme.

The scientific and cademic cluster of Normandy represents a strong research and innovation force with its 123 research laboratories associated with the institutions of the CoMUE Normandie University, among which 22 are affiliated with national organizations (CNRS, INSERM>, INRA, CEA). Le pôle scientifique académique de Normandie représente une puissante force de recherche et d’innovation avec ses 123 laboratoires de recherche associées aux établissements de la CoMUE Normandie Université dont 22 associés aux organismes nationaux (CNRS, INSERM, INRA, CEA).